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Herein lies the tale.....

My nontraditional icons and Scripture pieces would like to share part of your story, your pilgrimage through life. My motto reflects the task of my artwork, it accompanies you on your journey through life. My pieces have been on hospital bedside tables or in home prayer corners. As gifts they have reached out to help in the reconciliation process, healing and soothing past hurts. They have celebrated baptisms, marriages, First Communions, and confirmations.

Sometimes they are gentle reminders of faults, like the Stop Bad Habits angel, other times they recall friendships and good times. They can initiate a story, act as go-between, or resolve with a happy ending. They are pilgrim tokens like the scallop shells medieval pilgrims wore on their way to the shrine of St. James in Spain.

St. Agatha intercedes for those with breast cancer; Serena, the chemo-therapy angel is there for those undergoing treatment. A late or unexpected pregnancy, calls for a Laughing Sara, the ninety year old first-time mother. Animal lovers ask for a St. Francis of Assisi who tamed wild wolves and talked to birds or a St. Blaise who hid from his persecutors in caves and tended to animals wounded by careless hunters. St. Michael, Archangel, Captain-General of the Heavenly Host is the patron of policemen, soldiers, and boy scouts. St. Joseph is patron of foster and adoptive fathers.

Feeling especially dejected? A Hope angel is there holding out an anchor for you to grasp. Or maybe your child views material things as overriding spiritual treasures- then a parable pin illustrating the camel and the eye of the needle can be a good item to add to the carís dashboard. Are you impulsive and sometimes gruff with others? So was St. Peter, the big fisherman from a small town to whom Christ entrusted his flock.

Each of us has a guardian angel who watches over us each day. Things Theological can give you a glimpse of what that angel might look like. You can special order any angel or saint you desire. Simply write me a description of what you want- give me time to research and "pray in the clay" and I will fulfill your order as soon as possible.


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