About Things Theological

Jane Davis enjoys creating her own designs in wearable art. "This seems to be my mission right now." She follows the Jesuit principle of finding God in all things and being active in the world.

"Things Theological is her business name, and she designs all types of pins, magnets, angels, other icons that can hang in the kitchen or anywhere. They start at about $12 for the smaller ones, and no two are ever alike. They are fashioned of a polymer clay and baked in her kitchen oven.

Her parable pins can be used as teaching tools. "I like them because when you wear one and when people ask about it you have a way to tell the stories." She has done pins based on the prodigal son, peaceable kingdom, feeding thousands with loaves of bread and fish, and the camel and the eye of the needle.

Other work features Daniel and the lions, Moses, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and their evangelical symbols. She has been asked to make name saints for birthdays and confirmations.

There are rescue angels and realtor angels, teachers and soccer moms, office managers and nurses, busybodies and "don't pig out" angels. Some incorporate shells, water symbols and Indian designs. She has dream-catchers, lost keys, cats and dogs, hats and teapots as accessories. Each comes with a story and a name.

Some of my special orders have been for a Nativity or Holy Family scene even a Martin Luther icon! Whenever I have a request for someone who is under consideration for sainthood like Fr. McGivney, founder of the Knights of Columbus or Mother Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, I give them square halos, traditional for those whose sanctity is known but not official.

The collection she calls her "Monk Magnets and Nunsuch Pins" includes everything from Mother Teresa and a Missionary of Charity to Our Lady of Notre Dame to a Franciscan monk.

"We have such a rich Christian artistic tradition to draw upon, and I try through my work to link the stories past with modern artistic trends. I thoroughly enjoy my work and believe that God has given me this way to convey his age-old truths."

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