Things Theological - Saints with Patronages

Saints with Patronages

You can choose your saint by name, feast day, patronage, birthday or geography or just tell me about your idea and we can find the right saint for you.

Achilleus and Nereus
Acquila and Priscia
Adalbert of Magdeburg/Prague-patron of Bohemia, Czech Republic, Poland, Prussia
Adelaide- patron of empresses, exiles, parenthood, princesses, second marriages, stepparents
Adjutor- patron of drowning victims, swimmers, yachtsmen
Adolph Kolping- patron of workers
Adrian of Canterbury
Adrian of Nicomedia- patron of prison guards
Agabus- patron of clairvoyants, psychics
Agapitus- patron of colicky babies
Agatha- patron of those with breast cancer, against breast cancer, hand bell choirs, martyrs,
nurses, rape victims, against volcanic eruptions
Agia- patron of lawsuits
Agnes-patron of engaged couples, young girls
Agnes of Assisi
Agnes of Bohemia
Agnes of Rome- patron of girl scouts
Agricola of Avignon-against bad luck/misfortune, against plague, of good weather, rain,
plague victims
Agrippina – against bacterial disease, evil spirits, thunderstorms
Alban- patron of refugees, torture victims
Alexius, Alexis- patron of beggars, belt makers, impoverished people, the poor
Albert Chmielowski
Albert of Trapani- patron of fever victims, jaundice victims
Albert the Great- patron of medical technicians, scientists
Alodia- patron of child abuse victims, martyrs, runaways
Aloysius Gonzaga-patron of AIDS victims, teenagers
Albinus-patron against gallstones, kidney disease
Aldegonda- patron against childhood illnesses, injuries
Alphonsus Ligori- patron of confessors, professors, moral theologians, vocations
Alphonsus Rodriguez
Aloysius Gonzaga-patron of youth
Alydis, (Alice)
Amand- patron of bartenders, brewers, wine merchants
Amanda-patron of innkeepers
Ambrose-patron of beekeepers, chandlers/candle makers, learning
Andrew Avellino-patron of apoplexy, sudden death
Andrew Bobola-patron of Poland
Andrew Dang-Lac
Andrew the Apostle- patron of fishermen, Greece, Russia, Scotland
Andrew Kim Taegon-patron of Korean clergy
Andrew the Apostle- patron of fishermen, Greece, Russia, Scotland
Angela Merici –patron of orphans, physically disabled, the sick
Angela of Foligno
Angela Salawa
Angela Truszkowska
Angelico, Fra- patron of art, artists, painters
Angeline of Mariano
Anne, Anna- patron of cabinet makers, Canada, grandmothers, housewives, women in labor
Anselm of Canterbury
Anskar- patron of Denmark, Germany, Sweden
Ansovinus-patron against hailstorms, of good crops/harvests
Anthony Claret-patron of foundations
Anthony Grassi
Anthony of Padua- patron against shipwrecks, starvation, of barren women, impoverished
people, indigenous people, lost articles, the poor, Portugal
Anthony the Great/Abbot- patron of amputees, basket weavers, brush makers, domestic
animals, eczema sufferers  
Anthony Zaccaria
Antonio de Sant’Anna Galvado
Antonio Lucci
Antonius of Florence- patron of fever victims
Ansgar- patron of Denmark, Scandinavia
Appollonia- against toothache, dentists, toothache sufferers
Arnold Janssen- founder of Divine Word, Sister Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual
Adoration (Pinkies), Missionary sisters Servant of the Holy Ghost
Arnulf of Soissons- patron of the brewers, flour industry workers, lost articles, millers,
Athelius- patron of kidnap victims
Augustine of Canterbury-patron of England
Augustine of Hippo- patron of brewers, printers, theologians
Augustine Zha Rong
Avertinus- patron against dizziness, against headaches, architects, artillerymen, builders,
headache/migraine sufferers


Balissa-patron of nursing mothers
Barbara-patron of architects, builders, death with the sacraments, fire prevention, martyrs, miners, prisoners, stonemasons, Syria
Bartholomew-patron of Armenia, butchers, Cyprus, nervous disorders, trappers
Bartholomew of Vicenza
Basil the Great of Caesarea- patron of hospital administrators, Russia
Bede-patron of scholars
Bega (Abigail)
Benedict of Nursia- patron against poisoning, against witchcraft, of Europe, monks, speleologists
Benedict Joseph Labre- patron of bachelors, beggars, the homeless, religious orders, transients
Benedict the Black ­ patron of African- Americans, parish missions
Bernard of Clairvaux- patron of beekeepers, cancer victims, chandlers/candlemakers, Gibraltar
Bernard of Montijoux- patron of mountaineers, skiers
Bernadette- patron of impoverished, those ridiculed for piety, shepherdesses, sick
Bernadine of Siena- patron against gambling, of advertising, communications personnel, lung/respiratory problems, public relations
Bernardino of Feltre-patron of bankers, pawnbrokers
Beuno- patron of sick animals, sick children
Bibliana- patron against hangovers, working women
Blaise- patron of throat disease, veterinarians, wild animals
Bona- patron of flight attendants, pilgrims, travelers
Bonaventura-against bowel disease, intestinal disorders
Boniface- patron of brewers, Germany, tailors
Boris- patron of Moscow, princes, Russia
Brendan the Navigator- patron of boatmen, sailors, travelers, whales
Brice- against stomach disorders/diseases
Bernadette-patron of impoverished, shepherdesses, sick
Bridget of Ireland- patron of dairy workers, Ireland, nuns, poultry farmers, scholars
Bridget of Sweden- patron of healers, miscarriages, Sweden
Bruno- patron against diabolic possession
Buonadonna and Luchesio- patrons of tertiaries


Caedmon- patron of poets, song writers
Caesar de Bus
Cajetan- patron of job hunters, unemployed
Camillus de Lellis- patron of hospitals, infirmarians, nurses, sick people
Casimir- patron of Lithuania, Poland, princes
Cassian-patron of courtroom clerks, stenographers
Catherine Laboure-saint of Miraculous Medal
Catherine of Alexandria- patron of apologists, jurists, learning, librarians, orators, philosophers, preachers, public speakers, single women, spinners, students, theologians, young girls
Catherine of Bologna- patron of art, artists, liberal arts
Catherine of Laboure- visionary of the Miraculous Medal
Catherine of Siena- patron of fire prevention, Italy, nursing homes, single women
Catherine of Sweden-patron against miscarriages
Cecelia-patron of church musicians, composers, instrument makers, martyrs, musicians,
organists, poets, singers
Charles Borromeo- patron of apple orchards, catechists, seminarians
Charles Houben- Saint of Mt Argus
Charles Lwanga- patron of African Catholic Youth Action, converts, torture victims
Charles of Sezce
Christobal Magallanes
Christina the Astonishing- patron of mental disabilities, mental illness, therapists
Christopher- patron of bachelors, bus drivers, motorists, porters, travelers, truck drivers
Clare/ Claire- patron of embroiderers, television
Clarus- patron of nearsightedness
Claude de Columbiere- patron of toymakers, priest of the Sacred Heart
Claudio Granzotto- patron of artists
Clement-patron of stonemasons
Clotilda (Chloe) - patron against death of children, of adopted children, exiles, parenthood, queens, widows
Colman- patron against hangings, of Austria, horned cattle
Columba- patron of bookmakers
Columban- patron of bikers, Ireland, poets
Concordia- patron of nursing mothers
Conrad of Piacenza- patron of hernia sufferers
Conrad of Parzham
Contardo Ferrini- patron of colleges, students, universities
Corentin- patron of seafood
Cornelius- patron against earache, of cattle, cowherds, domestic animals, epileptics
Cosmos and Damian- patrons of barbers, doctors, pharmacists, physicians, surgeons
Crescentia Hoess
Crispin and Crispinian- patrons of leatherworkers, saddlers, shoemakers, tanners
Cuthbert-patron against plague, of boatmen, sailors, shepherds
Cyril and Methodius- patrons of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Europe, ecumenism, Moravia
Cyril of Alexandria-patron of Alexandria
Cyril of Jerusalem

Dagobert- patron of kidnap victims
Damasus- patron of archeology
Damian and Cosmos- patrons of barbers, doctors, pharmacists, physicians, surgeons
Damian of Molokai
Daniel Brottieri
David-patron of doves, Wales
Delphina and Elezar
Devota- patron of Corsica, Monaco
Didacus of Cadiz-patron of the Holy Trinity
Dionysius/Denis- patron against headaches, of France, headache/migraine sufferers
Dismas- patron of death row inmates, funeral directors/undertakers, half-way house, prisoners,
Dominic Guzman- patron of astronomers, Dominican Republic, the rosary, scientists
Dominic of Silos
Dominic Savio- patron of choirboys, juvenile delinquents
Domitian- patron against famine
Dorothy of Montau- patron against miscarriages, of Prussia
Dorthea-patron of brides, florists, gardeners
Drogo- patron of baristas, coffeehouse keepers, deaf, hernias, homely people, mute, shepherds
Dunstan- patron of armorers, blacksmiths, farriers, locksmiths, metalworkers, musicians
Dymphna- patron of epileptics, martyrs, mental disorders, runaways, sleepwalkers, 
mental illness, against diabolic possession


Edgar- patron of widowers
Edith Stein (Terethia Benedicta) - patron of converts
Edmund- patron of hernias, mental disorders, paralyzed, toothache,
Edmund Campion- patron of the press
Edward the Confessor- patron of kings, spousal separation, troubled marriages
Elezar and Delphina
Eligius/Eloi – patron of farriers, garage workers, jewelers, steel workers
Elizabeth- patron of mothers, pregnant women
Elizabeth Bayley Seton- patron of parochial schools
Elizabeth of Hungary- patron of bakers, charitable foundations, exiles, nursing homes,
Elizabeth of Portugal- patron of brides, marital problems, tertiaries
Emygdius-patron against earthquakes
Elmo/ Erasmus- patron against appendicitis, intestinal disease, seasickness, of sailors,
stomach disorders
Emilie (y) de Radat- patron of single women
Emma Ruiz
Eugene de Mazenod- patron of dysfunctional families
Eurosia- against bad weather
Eusebius of Vercelli
Eustace/Hubert- patron of hunters
Eustachius- patron of hunters, torture victims


Fabioloa- patron against divorce, infidelity, physical abuse, of widows
Faustina Kowalska
Felicity- patron against death of children, of barren women, martyrs
Felix of Nola- patron against eye disease, lies, of domestic animals, falsely accused
Ferdinand III- patron of engineers, governors, magistrates, parenthood, prisoners, rulers
Fiacre- patron against hemorrhoids, against syphilis, of cab drivers, gardeners, venereal
Fidelis of Sigmaringen
Fillian- patron against insanity, of mentally disabled
Flora – patron of converts, martyrs, victims of betrayal, working women
Florian- against floods, against house fires, of firefighters
Four Crowned Martyrs- patrons of sculptors, stonemasons
Frances of Rome- patron of death of children, motorists, ridiculed for piety, taxi drivers,
Frances Xavier Cabrini- patron of emigrants, hospital administrators, immigrants, migrant
Francis Borgia-patron against earthquakes, of Portugal
Francis Caracciola- patron of cooks especially Italian
Francis de Paola- patron of naval officers, sailors, vegetarians
Francis de Sales- patron of authors, Catholic press, deaf, editors, journalists, writers
Francis Faa di Bruno
Francis of Assisi-patron of animals, Catholic action, ecologists, Italy, merchants, zoos
Francis Solano- patron of Bolivia
Francis Xavier- patron against plagues, of Borneo, Japan, foreign missions
Francis Xavier Seelos
Francisco and Jacinto Marto- patron of prisoners, those ridiculed for piety, sick, visionaries
Francisco Antonio Fasani
Frederick of Utrecht
Frederick Ozanam
Frumentius- patron of Ethiopia


Gabriel the Archangel-patron of broadcasters-radio, television, clerics, diplomats,
messengers, postal workers, stamp collectors
Gabriel Francis Possenti/ Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother-patron of Catholic Action,
clergy, youth
Gall- patron of birds
Gemma Galgani- patron of orphans, pharmacists, victims of  tuberculosis
Genesius of Rome- patron of actors, comedians, lawyers, printers, secretaries, stenographers.
torture victims
Genevieve- patron against disasters, plague, of military women, Paris, of plague victims
Gengulphus- patron against infidelity, knights, spousal separation
George- patron of boy scouts, cavalry men, England, farmers, soldiers
Gerard Majella-patron of childbirth, children, expectant mothers, falsely accused
Gerlac of Valkenberg-patron of domestic animals
Gertrude of Nivelles-patron against rats, of cats, gardeners, hospitality, mental disorders,
pilgrims, recently dead
Gertrude the Great- patron of nuns, popes, travelers, West Indies
Gilbert of Sempringham
Giles- patron of beggars, hermits, horses, lepers, nursing mothers, physically disabled,
Giles Mary of St. Joseph
Godberta- against droughts, epidemics
Gotteschalc- patron of linguists, lost vocations, princes, translators
Gregory VII
Gregory Grassi
Gregory of Nazianus- patron of poetry, sacred poetry
Gregory of Nyssa- patron of desperate/hopeless causes, friendship
Gregory the Great- patron of choir boys, musicians, plague victims, popes, singers, stone-
cutters, students, teachers
Gregory the Illuminator- patron of Armenia
Gregory the Wonderworker-against earthquakes, floods, of desperate/hopeless causes
Gummarus- patron against impotence, of cowherds, spousal separation, troubled marriages,
unhappily married men


Hedwig- patron Bavaria, against childhood deaths, jealousy, of brides, duchesses, troubled
marriages, Silesia, widows
Helen, Helena- patron of archeology, converts, divorced couples, empresses, troubled
Henry II- against sterility, of Bamberg, Basel, childlessness, dukes, kings, physically disabled
Henry of Uppsala- patron against storms, of Finland
Herve- against eye problems, foxes, wolves
Hesychius of Jerusalem
Hilary of Arles
Hilary of Poitiers-patron against snakes, snake bites
Hildegard of Bingen- patron against headaches, of healers, musicians, visionaries
Hippolytus of Rome/Porto-patron of horses, prison guards
Homobonus- patron of businessmen, cloth merchants, tailors
Honore/Honortus of Amiens- patron of bakers, cooks, pastry chefs
Honoratus Kozminski
Hubert – patron of dog lovers, hunters, rabies victims
Hugo of Grenoble
Hunna- patron of laundresses, washerwomen
Hyacinth- patron of Poland


Ignatius of Laconi
Ignatius Loyola- patron of religious retreats, soldiers
Ignatius of Antioch-patron of North Africa, Mediterranean church, throat diseases
Iranaeus- patron of Mobile, Alabama
Irene- patron of conscientious objectors, pacifists, young girls
Isaac Jogues
Isidore of Seville- patron of computers, computer technicians, internet
Isidore the Farmer- patron of agricultural workers, death of children, domestic animals,
farmers, laborers, Madrid, rain, US National Rural Life Conference
Ivo Kermartin- patron of abandoned children, canonists, jurists, lawyers, notaries, orphans


Jacinto and Francisco Marto- patron of prisoners, those ridiculed for piety, sick, visionaries
Jacopo di Todi- patron of composers
Jane Frances de Chantal-patron of forgotten people, parents separated from children, widows
founder of Visitation order
James and Marian - patrons of parish volunteers
James Oldo
James the Greater-patron of arthritis victims, Chile, Guatemala, laborers, Nicaragua,
pharmacists, pilgrims, rheumatism sufferers, Spain  
James the Less- patron of pharmacists, hatters
James of the Marche- patron of pawnbrokers
Januarius- patron against volcanoes, of blood banks, Naples
Jeanne Jagan
Jerome-patron of archaeologists, Bible scholars, librarians, translators
Jerome Emiliani- patron of abandoned children, orphans
Joachim-patron of grandfathers
Joan of Arc- patron of female soldiers, France, martyrs, prisoners, those who have opposition from church authorities, rape victims, ridiculed for piety, soldiers
Joan of the Cross
John I
John XXIII-patron of papal delegates
John Baptiste de la Salle- patron of school principals, teachers
John Berchemans- patron of altar servers, youth
John Bosco- patron of apprentices, editors, laborers, magicians
John Brebeuf
John Cantius-patron of Lithuania, Poland
John Cassian-patron of monks, pilgrims
John Chrysostom- patron of epilepsy, Istanbul, lecturers, orators, public speakers, preachers
John Duns Scotus
John Eudes
John Fisher-patron of Rochester, NY
John Francis Regis- patron of illegitimate children, lace makers, marriage, medical social
workers, orphans, social workers
John Gualbert- patron of foresters, park rangers
John Henry Neumann- patron of converts
John Jones
John Leonardi- patron of CCD
John Maria Vianney- patron of confessors, parish priests, priests
John Nepomecene- patron against slander, of Bohemia, bridges, Czech Republic, discretion,
John Ogilvie
John of Capistrano- patron of jurists, military chaplains
John of Damascus- patron of religious art
John of Fiesole-patron of artists especially religious arts
John of God- patron of alcoholics, booksellers, firefighters, heart patients, hospitals, nurses, printers, recovering alcoholics, the sick
John of Parma
John of the Cross- patron of contemplative life, mystics
John of Vercelli
John Roche (Neele) - patron of barge workers
John the Baptist- patron against spasms, of baptisms, Charleston, convulsive children, farriers,
John the Evangelist-patron of art dealers, Asia Minor, editors, friendship, publishers,
John the Gardener-patron of gardeners
John Wall
Josaphat- patron of ecumenism, Ukraine
Joseph- patron of Belgium, Canada, China, carpenters, Church, happy death, fathers offamilies, foster parents, Korea, Peru, social justice, universal church, workers
Joseph Cafasso- patron of prisoners, prisons, spiritual directors
Joseph Mary Tomasi-patron of liturgists
Joseph of Armithea- patron of funeral directors, pallbearers, undertakers
Joseph of Cupertino- patron of astronauts, aviators, flight attendants, flight crews, pilots,
students, test takers
Joseph of Leonissa-patron of reconciliation
Joseph Perez
Josephine Bakhita- patron of Sudan
Juan Diego- patron of indigenous people
Jude Thaddeus- patron of desperate causes, hopeless situations, hospital administrators,
Julia Billiart- foundress Sisters of Notre dame, of impoverished people, the sick
Julian Eymard
Julian the Hospitaller- patron of boatmen, carnival people, circus people, ferrymen, hotel  
staff, innkeepers, murderers
Juliana of Nicomedia-patron of the sick
Junipero Serra
Justa and Rufina-patrons of potters, Seville
Justin Martyr- patron of apologists, lecturers, philosophers
Jutta of Thuringia


Katherine Drexel-patron of minority children
Kateri Tekawitha- patron of ecologists, exiles, indigenous people, orphans, those ridiculed for
Kevin- patron of blackbirds, Dublin, Ireland


Lawrence of Brindisi- patron of cooks, cutlers, impoverished people, glaziers, librarians, the
the poor, restaurateurs, seminarians, silence
Leander of Seville
Leo Karasumaru
Leonard- patron against burglary, prisoners of war, robbery victims, women in labor
Leonard of Port Maurice-patron of parish missions
Leopold Mandic
Lidwina- patron of ice skaters, skaters
Lorenzo Ruiz
Louis IX- patron of crusaders, grooms, kings, parenthood, St Louis
Louis Maria de Monfort
Louis of Tolouse
Louise de Marillac- patron of abuse victims, social workers
Luchesio and Buonadonna- patrons of tertiaries
Lucy- patron against eye troubles, hemorrhaging, of cutlers, martyrs, those with eye diseases,
Ludmilla- patron of Bohemia, converts, Czech Republic, duchesses, widows
Ludovico of Casoria
Luke Belludi
Luke the Evangelist- patron of artists, brewers, butchers, glassworkers, lace makers, notaries,painters, physicians, surgeons
Lydia- patron of cloth dyers


Macrina the Elder- patron against poverty, of impoverished people, widows
Macrina the Younger-patron of theologians, especially females
Madron- patron against pain
Magi, (Three Kings) - Gaspar, Mechior, Balthazar-patrons of travelers
Magnus-patron of fishmongers
Magnus of Fussen- patron against lightening, vermin
Malachy- patron of visionaries
Madeleine Sophie de Barat- patron of the Sacred Heart
Marcellus the Centurion- patron of conscientious objectors, pacifists
Margaret of Antioch- patron against sterility, of childbirth, divine intervention, exiles,
kidney diseases, nurses, pregnant women, Scotland
Margaret of Cortona- patron of homeless, midwives, ridiculed for piety, single mothers,
Margaret Clitherow-patron of businesswomen, converts, martyrs, working women
Margaret Mary Alacoque- patron of polio victims, the Sacred Heart
Margarite d’Youville
Maria Bertilla Boscardin
Marian and James- patrons of parish volunteers
Marian Cape
Marguerite of Bourgios
Maria de Cabeza- patron of farm wives
Maria Goretti- patron of children, maidens, martyrs, rape victims, teenagers, young girls
Mark the Evangelist- patron of Egypt, notaries, teenagers, Venice
Martha-patron of the active life, cooks, dieticians, domestics, housekeepers, waitpersons
Martin de Porres- patron of hair dressers (male), health workers, interracial justice, public health education, public education, race relations, social justice
Martin I
Martin of Tours- patron of cavalrymen, geese, horse riders, impoverished, innkeepers, military
chaplains, the poor, tailor
Mary Ann of Jesus Paredos
Mary Magdelene- patron of aroma-therapists, contemplative life, cosmetologists, hairdressers,
penitents, perfumers
Mary Magdelene de Pazzi- patron of visionaries
Matthew the Evangelist- patron of accountants, bankers, bookkeepers, customs agents,
security guards, tax collectors
Matthew Talbot-patron of alcoholics, dockworkers, recovering alcoholics
Maurice- patron of dyers, gout victims, infantrymen, knife sharpeners, sword smiths,
Maurus- patron against colds, gouts
Maximillian Kolbe-patron of political prisoners, recovering drug addicts
Medard-patron against toothaches, of corn harvests, prisoners, winemakers
Methodius and Cyril- patrons of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Europe, ecumenists
Michael- patron of boy scouts, grocers, paramedics, paratroopers, police officers, radiologists,
sailors, the sick
Michael Giedroyc
Miguel Augustin Pro
Monica-patron of against infidelity, AL- ANON, alcoholics, housewives, married women,
mothers, recovering alcoholics
Morand- patron of wineries
Moses the Black- patron of Africa


Nagasaki martyrs?Paul Miki, Peter Baptist, Leo Karasumaru
Narcissus of Jerusalem
Nereus and Achielleus
Nicholas of Myra, Bari- patron of brewers, brides, children, dockworkers, Greece, pawnbrokers, Russia, sailors, travelers
Nicholas of Torentino-patron of babies, infants, lost souls, sailors
Nicholas Owen
Nicholas von Flue- patron of councilmen, spousal separation
Notburga- patron of agricultural workers, fieldworkers, Switzerland, wait persons
Notkar Balbulus- patron of musicians, stammerers


Odilia- patron of Alsace, the blind
Olaf II-patron of kings, Norway, troubled marriages, woodcarvers
Oliver Plunkett-patron of Armagh
Orlando Catanii
Osmund- patron of mental disorders, the paralyzed


Pacifico of San Servino
Pancras-against cramps, perjury, of oaths, treaties
Panteleon- patron of bachelors, doctors, endurance, physicians, victims of tuberculosis
Pascal Baylon- patron of cooks, Eucharistic Congresses and societies, food service workers,
Patrick- patron of herpetologists, Ireland, Nigeria, snakes
Paul- patron against snake bites, of Catholic action, Cursillo movement, Malta, preachers,
Public relations, tentmakers
Paul Miki
Paul the Hermit- patron of weavers
Paula- patron of widows
Paulinus of Nola
Pedro de San Jose Bentacur- patron of posadas
Pelegia the Penitent- patron of actresses
Peregrine Laziosi- patron against skin diseases, of AIDS victims, cancer victims, the sick, skin
Perpetua- patron of cows, nursing mothers
Peter- patron of fishermen, longevity, popes, papacy, universal church
Peter Baptist- patron of Japan
Peter Chanel- patron of Oceania
Peter Claver- patron of African –Americans, Colombia, inter racial justice, race relations,
slavery victims
Peter Damian
Peter Favre
Peter Gonzalez
Peter of Alacantara- patron of Brazil, watchmen
Peter of Taventaise
Peter Regaldo
Pharadilis- patron against childhood illnesses, physical abuse, of troubled marriages
Philip Neri- patron of orators, public speakers, Rome, US Special Forces
Phillip of Zell- patron of babies, infants
Philomena- patron of babies, desperate/hopeless causes, orphans
Phocas- patron of agricultural workers, farmers, gardeners
Photini (Woman at the well)
Pierre Toussaint- patron of barbers
Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio)
Pirimus-patron of snake bite victims
Pius V
Pius X- patron of First Holy Communicants
Placid- against chills
Pollio- patron of lectors
Polycarp- patron against earaches
Porphyry of Gaza
Priscia and Acquila


Quentin- patron against coughs
Quirinus ­ patron against diabolic possession, obsession


Rafal Chylinski
Raphael- patron of the blind, health inspectors, lovers, nurses, physicians, travelers
Raymond Nonnatus-patron of C-section, childbirth, falsely accused, midwives, obstetricians,
pregnant women
Raymond of Penaforte- patron of canonists, confessors, law schools, medical record librarian,
Regina- patron against poverty, of shepherdesses, torture victims
Reinhold- patron of stonemasons
Rene Groupil-patron of anesthetists, anesthesiologists
Rita of Cascia- patron against hemorrhaging, of desperate /hopeless situations, infertility,
marital problems, parenthood, unhappily married women
Robert Bellarmine- patron of canonists, catechists, Cincinnati
Roch- patron of AIDS victims, against cholera, falsely accused, of dog lovers, invalids,
plague victims
Romanus- patron of mentally ill
Rose Venerini
Rose of Lima-patron against earthquakes, of Central and South America, gardeners,
Rose of Viterbo- patron of exiles, florists
Rose Philippine Duchesne-patron of those who have opposition from church authorities
Rufina and Justa- patrons of potters


Sabas- patron of lectors, torture victims
Scholastica- patron against storms, of convulsive children, nuns
Sebastian-patron of archers, athletes, plague victims, soldiers
Sebastian of Aparicia
Sebald- against cold weather, of Bavaria, freezing victims, Nuremberg
Seraphin of Montegranaro
Servatius- patron against foot disorders, rats, vermin, of rheumatism, successful
Seven Sleepers- patrons of sleep disorders
Sharbel Makhlouf
Sibyllina of Pavia
Simon the Apostle-patron of sawyers
Solange-patron against drought
Solanus Casey
Stanislaus Kostka- patron against broken bones, death with the sacraments
Stephen- patron of bricklayers, builders, deacons, stonemasons
Stephen of Hungary- patron of Hungary
Stephen of Mar Saba
Stephen the Younger- patron of coin collectors
Susanna- patron of martyrs
Swithbert – patron of angina sufferers, Germany, throat diseases
Swithin- patron against drought, for rain
Sylvester of Assisi


Tarsicius- patron of altar severs, First Communicants
Terethia Bendicta (Edith Stein) - patron of converts, Europe, orphans, World Youth Day
Teresa de Jesus, (Avila)-patron against headaches, against heart attacks, of headache/migraine
sufferers, heart attack victims, orphans, ridiculed for piety, Spain
Teresa of Calcutta- patron of impoverished people, the poor
Teresa of Liseux- patron of AIDS victims, aviators, florists, foreign missions, France, Russia,
victims of tuberculosis
Teresa of Los Andes
Theobald Roggeri- patron against fever, sterility, of church janitors, janitors
Theophilus of Corte
Three Kings (Magi)
Thomas Aquinas- patron against lightening, storms, of academics, apologists, booksellers, colleges, college students, pencil- makers, publishers, scholars, schools, theologians,
Thomas a Becket- patron of clergy
Thomas More- patron of adopted children, civil servants, court clerks, lawyers, politicians,
step parents, widowers
Thomas of Villanova
Thomas the Apostle – patron of architects, construction workers, doubters, East Indies, India,
Pakistan, surveyors
Thorac Thorhallson-patron of Iceland
Timothy-patron of stomach disorders
Titus-patron of Crete
Turibus of Mogroveio-patron of indigenous peoples, Peru


Urban V
Ursula- patron of British Virgin Islands, Cologne, drapers, schoolgirls, teachers, young women,
World Youth Day


Vaast- patron of babies, toddlers
Valentine- patron against fainting, of beekeepers, engaged couples, epilepsy, fainting, lovers
Valerian- patron against exposure, freezing weather, of freezing victims
Venerius-patron of lighthouse keepers
Veronica- patron of laundresses, photographers
Veronica Guliani
Viator- patron of catechists
Victor of Marseilles-patron against foot trouble, of hunters, millers, torture victims
Vincent de Paul- patron of charitable societies, hospitals, leprosy, lost articles
Madagascar, prisoners, volunteers
Vincent Ferrar- patron of builders, pavement workers, plumbers
Vincent of Saragossa- patron of Lisbon, Vicenza, torture victims, winemakers, wineries
Vitus- patron against dog bites, lightening, oversleeping, storms, of actors, comedians,
Czech Republic, dancers, dog lovers, epileptics, Prague, snake bite victims
Vladamir- patron of converts, kings, murderers, Russia


Walburga- patron against dog bites, coughs, famine, plague, of good crops/harvests, plague
victims, rabies victims
Walter of Pontnoise- patron of prisoners, stress related jobs, wine merchants
Wenceslaus- patron of Bohemia, brewers, Czech Republic
Wilgefortis- patron of unhappily married women
Winifride-patron against skin disease, of martyrs, wells,
Willibord- patron of epilepsy, Holland, Netherlands
William Carter
William Joseph Chaminade
William of Gellone- patron of knights, romantic tales
William of Norwich- patron of kidnap victims
Wolfgang- against stomach disorders/diseases, of paralyzed people, woodsmen



Yolanda of Poland


Zeno of Verona ­patron of babies, fishermen, infants, Verona
Zita-patron of domestics, housekeepers, maids, food service workers, lost keys, ridiculed for piety, wait persons

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